Whiterun is a modest city built around a lonely hill on the prairie of Whiterun Hold. It is ruled by Jarl Nelkir and has a population of roughly 6000, counting outlying farmsteads and settlements.

Nestled comfortably in the center of the province of Skyrim, Whiterun enjoys profitable trade more commonly associated with citiess two or three times its size. This substantial windfall is largely directed toward the Jarl’s luxurious appointments, salaries for a host of thanes and housecarls, a well-paid militia and several sheriffs. Capable merchants make a good living and reward themselves with ample estates in the city’s Wind and Cloud Districts.

Places of Interest:

Dragonsreach – The Jarl’s opulent palace at the crest of the town’s climbing hill. The palace gets its name from Jarl Olaf One-Eye who, in the first era, defeated the dragon Numinex and imprisoned him within. Olaf went on to become High King of Skyrim, and Numinex’s skull yet hangs above Jarl Nelkir’s throne.

The Gildergreen – Grown from a cutting of the Eldergleam, this majestic tree is a living shrine to the goddess Kynareth. A temple dedicated to the goddess stands nearby and dedicates a portion of its tithes to maintaining the delicate tree.

Jorrvaskr – Meadhall of the Companions of Ysgrammor and home of the Skyforge, a mysterious and impressive open-air stone forge that predates the city and, indeed, the arrival of men to this part of the world. The meadhall itself is generally avoided by anyone who doesn’t belong to the Companions, as its known throughout the land for its violent brawls.

The Drunken Huntsman – Something of an oddity, this shop sells both archery supplies and stout drinks, not to mention the occasional pelt or slab of venison. The owners are a pair of bosmer brothers, one of whom tends the Huntsman while the other hunts and sells his catches at a booth in the market plaza.

The Bannered Mare – A Plains District tavern and inn that caters to the lion’s share of Whiterun’s visitors.

The Jarl’s Shadow – A Wind District tavern and inn that caters to Whiterun’s more exclusive citizens and their guests. During important events that fill Dragonsreach beyond its limits, the Jarl frequently sets excess guests up here.

People of Interest:

Jarl Nelkir
Rukki Battle-Born


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