Cyrodiil -

The Imperial City – Capitol of the Empire.
Anvil – Southwestern port city.
Bravil – A city on the Nibenay River.
Bruma – Northernmost city in Cyrodiil.
Cheydinhal – Easternmost city in Cyrodiil.
Chorrol – City in the Colovian Highlands.
Kvatch – The city of Saint Martin.
Leyawiin – Southern port city.
Skingrad – The city of wines.

Vhatondo – An Ayleid ruin near Bruma.

Skyrim -

Solitude – Capitol of Haafingar Hold and Provincial Capitol of Skyrim.
Whiterun – Capitol of Whiterun Hold.
Falkreath – Capitol of Falkreath Hold.
Morthal – Capitol of Hjaalmarch Hold.
Winterhold – Capitol of Winterhold.
Dawnstar – Capitol of The Pale.
Markarth – Capitol of The Reach.
Riften – Capitol of The Rift.
Windhelm – Capitol of Eastmarch.

Darkwater Crossing – A river town in the Rift.
Fort Amol – A bare-bones fort town in Eastmarch Hold.
Fort Nchezhon – A freehold fort in Haafingar, built atop a Dwemer ruin.
Rorikstead – A farming town in Whiterun Hold.
Riverwood – A mill town in Whiterun Hold.
The Vast Swamp – A steamy marsh in Eastern Skyrim.

Combat Map 1 – A Thalmor execution site at the waterfall south of Whiterun.
Voltheim Towers – A ruin spanning the White River, east of Whiterun.
Wolfskull Cave – A cave west of Solitude.
Nchar Din – One of many dwemer complexes beneath Markarth.
Abandoned Prison – A legion prison, destroyed by natural disaster.
Darkwater Temple of Talos – Home of Talos’ Sacred Trust.
Tomb of Chonis – An ancient tomb near the Vast Swamp.
The Lost Refuge – An ancient Imperial fortress, now occupied by a mysterious cult.
The Blue Palace – Home to the Jarl of Haafingar and current High King of Skyrim.


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