Feats – As per the SRD, with the following additions…

Armored Casting [General] – Prerequisite: The ability to cast arcane spells. Effect: Your Arcane Spell Failure chance is reduced by 10%. This feat may be taken multiple times.

Augment Atronach [General] – Prerequisite: Knowledge (Oblivion) 2 ranks. Effect: Each atronach you conjure with a summon spell gains a +2 enhancement bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls, and +2 hp per hit-die.

Coordinated Shot [Fighter Bonus Feat, General] – Prerequisite: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot. Effect: When making a ranged attack against a foe who has cover due to the position of your ally or allies, your ranged attacks ignore the Armor Class bonus granted to the target because of that cover. Cover from other sources is unaffected.

Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting [Fighter Bonus Feat, General] – Prerequisite: Two-Weapon Fighting feat, Strength 13+. Effect: When wielding a one-handed weapon in your off hand, you take penalties for fighting with two weapons as if you were wielding a light weapon in your off hand. A fighter may select Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting as one of his fighter bonus feats.


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