General Notes: There are no alignment restrictions on classes. PCs do not have alignment.

Magic-User Notes: Spent spell slots are recovered at a rate of 1 per hour of rest. Lower level slots are recovered first. After 8 hours of uninterrupted rest, a magic-user recovers all spent spell slots, regardless of the number. Upon recovering a spell slot, magic-users that must prepare their spells have to assign a spell to the slot. This requires that one be able to access his spell book, but the time spent referring to his notes is negligible. In the event that a spell or effect recharges a slot, the effect is instantaneous and no study time or spell book access is required.

Barbarian – As per the SRD.

Bard – As per the SRD.

Cleric – As per the SRD, except as follows…
In the Elder Scrolls, there is no substantive difference between a Wizard and a Cleric. Indeed, members of any class may function as priests in the setting. Clerics do not gain spells from their deity, but rather learn spells and keep a spell book as a wizard does. They simply have access to a different collection of spells. A Cleric may even function as a secular spell-caster without any particular divine focus.

A Cleric may choose any two domains that suit him, and has automatic access to his domain spells and powers, even if stripped of his spell book.

A Cleric may use his Spontaneous Casting ability to convert prepared spells either Cure or Inflict spells of the same level. He may Turn or Rebuke undead, but must decide which at character creation.

Druid – As per the SRD, except as follows…
As with the Cleric above, Druids are simply another type of magic-user, relying on a spell book and learning spells as does a Wizard.

Fighter – As per the SRD.

Paladin – As per the SRD, except as follows…
As with the Cleric, a Paladin’s spells are learned and stored in a spell book. His Detect and Smite Evil abilities effect creatures with evil alignments, including certain extraplanar beings and mortals who are under alignment-altering effects.

Ranger – As per the SRD, except as follows…
As with the Cleric, a Ranger’s spells are learned and stored in a spell book. A Ranger’s Favored Enemy must come from the following list: Aberration, Animal, Construct, Elemental/Atronach, Giant, Humanoid (Man), Humanoid (Mer), Humanoid (Beast-Folk), Magical Beast, Monstrous Humanoid, Ooze, Outsider (Daedra), Plant, Undead, Vermin.

Rogue – As per the SRD.

Sorcerers & Wizards – As per the SRD.


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