Campaign History

Fredas, 1st of Morningstar, 4E 177 – The party is released from prison, into the service of a sanctioned team of archaeologists, led by Emusette Traven. They escape in the night and head north over the Jerall Mountains.

Loredas, 2nd of Morningstar – The party is ambushed by a spriggan and its animal companions while crossing through the first valley. They are victorious.

Fredas, 8th of Morningstar – The party finally breaks free of the Jeralls and stumbles into Fort Helgen, taking advantage of what few civilian comforts can be found within.

Loredas, 9th of Morningstar – En route to Whiterun, the party encounters a Thalmore inquisitor and his lackeys, preparing to burn two Talos-worshipers alive. The heroes intercede on the prisoners’ behalf and slay the Thalmor. J’Ram-Ku breaks off from the group to pursue a Thalmor courier believed to be headed for Falkreath.

Sundas, 10th of Morningstar – The party reaches Whiterun, having marched through the night from Riverwood. While dispersed throughout the city to gather supplies, several persons of interest are encountered. An orc enforcer for the thieves’ guild approaches Jess-Tah, and Salme takes on a job looking for a pair of missing smugglers. The smugglers turn up in the Jarl’s Shadow, and their dwemer treasure box is retrieved – but not before a strange steam-powered undead mer attacks brazenly in the town plaza. Once the creature is defeated, the box is brought to Khafiz in exchange for the promised reward.

Morndas, 11th of Morningstar -

Campaign History

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