A Brief Timeline

This is the basic roll of years, as would be known to a common person of Tamriel:

The Dawn Era

The following events are believed to have occurred in a general way by most people of Tamriel, though the details are often fuzzy in their minds:

Lorkhan, a god, tricks the other first spirits into creating the world. Those who help him become the Aedra, and those who do not become the Daedra.

The Aedra create twelve worlds, which ultimately fall together in calamity. Many Aedra are destroyed, with some becoming mortal and others transforming into the Earthbones – the Laws of Nature. The twelve violently-conjoined worlds become one, known as Nirn.

Oblivion, the black sky, envelopes Nirn. Some few powerful Aedra escape back to Aetherius, tearing holes in Oblivion through which the light of Aetherius shines. This is the origin of the Sun and stars.

Auri-El (aka Akatosh, Alduin, etc) establishes the first kingdom of Old Ehlnofey, from which come the elves.

The Aedra are angry with the creation of the world and seek revenge against Lorkhan. Auri-El leads his followers (Trinimac, Phynaster, and Syrabane) against Lorkhan and the ancestors of men (Kyne/Kynareth, Tsun, Jhunal/Julianos, and Stuhn/Stendarr).

The war ends when Trinimac tears Lorkhan’s heart from his body, and Auri-El fires it into the sea with his bow.

The Merethic Era

Circa ME 2500 – Supposed construction date of the Adamantine Tower in High Rock; the oldest known structure of Tamriel. Earliest historical date in Elvish chronicles.

The Aldmer migrate to Tamriel from the now-lost continent of Aldmeris. Sophisticated Elves drive native beastfolk out of fertile lands.

The Adamantine Tower is rediscovered after having been lost for centuries. The Crystal Tower is built on Summerset Isle. White Gold Tower is built in what will become Cyrodiil. Torval the Pilot acquires the Eight Islands of Nibenay from the beastfolk in exchange for the secret of literacy. Cyrodiilic Elves become known as the Ayleids.

The Dwemer, an Elven clan devoted to secret knowledge, establish underground cities in the mountains separating modern-day Skyrim and Morrowind.

The Chimer (ancestors to the Dunmer) follow the Prophet Veloth out of ancestral Elven homelands to settle in Morrowind and practice ancestor worship.

Trinimac and his Orsimer followers attempt to halt the Velothi dissident movement. Boethiah devours Trinimac in punishment, corrupting him into the form of Malacath. The Orsimer people are also corrupted, becoming orcs.

Ysgramor leads the first Nedic settlers from across the Northern Sea to settle in modern Skyrim. Ysgramor builds Saarthal – the first human city on Tamriel. He develops a runic transcription of the Nedic language, stealing the secret of literacy from the Elves.

Ysgramor and his Nedes are driven from the shores of Tamriel by the vengeful Elves. He returns with his Five-Hundred Companions shortly, however.

The First Era (2920 Years Long)

1E 1 – The Bosmer King Eplear founds the Camoran Dynasty.

1E 139 – King Harald unifies the Nords beneath his rule from his capitol at Windhelm.

1E 242 – Alessia leads a human uprising against Ayleid masters in modern Cyrodiil. Within a year, White Gold Tower falls to human control, symbolizing the end of the Ayleid Empire. The Alessian Empire is formed (frequently called the First Empire).

1E 266 – The Apotheosis of Alessia. The Eight Divines are formalized as the official religion of the Alessian Empire. Akatosh imbues Alessia and her descendants with his blood, preventing Aedra and Daedra from physically manifesting on Nirn and closing the gates of Oblivion for as long as her bloodline ruled the Empire.

1E 700 – The War of the First Council occurs in Morrowind; a religious conflict between the Dwemer and Dunmer. The entire Dwemer civilization vanishes without explanation, leaving their cities abandoned. The Dunmer generals receive mysterious power and become the God-Kings Almalexia, Sotha Sil, and Vivec; known collectively as the Tribunal.

1E 803 – Redguards begin to settle modern-day Hammerfell.

1E 980 – The Orc kingdom of Orsinium falls to the armies of High Rock’s combined City-States.

1E 2321 – The Alessian Order is destroyed during the War of Righteousness.

1E 2703 – Invaders from mysterious Akavir attack Tamriel. Reman Cyrodiil repels them and is crowned Emperor. Beginning of “The Second Empire.”

1E 2713 – Valenwood becomes an Imperial Province.

1E 2812 – Reman Cyrodiil II conquers Black Marsh. Black Marsh becomes an Imperial Province.

1E 2920 – Reman Cyrodiil III assassinated by the Morag Tong.

The Second Era (897 Years Long)

2E 1 – The Dark Brotherhood splits off from the Morag Tong.

2E 309 – The Kingdoms of Anequina and Pellitine unify, creating the Khajiit nation of Elsweyr.

2E 321 – The Guilds Act is passed by Potentate Versidue Shaie, formalizing the rights of the budding middle-class in the Empire.

2E 830 – The Aldmeri Dominion is formed through the unification of the Camoran Dynasty of Valenwood and the Altmer of Summerset Isles. Talos is born in Skyrim.

2E 852 – Talos leads his army in the successful Battle of Sancre Tor. He takes the Imperial name of Tiber Septim, and becomes the first full Emperor since Reman Cyrodiil III.

2E 864 – Tiber Septim conquers Hammerfell, making it an Imperial Province.

2E 897 – Tiber Septim declares the end of the Second Era, promising a new age of peace and prosperity.

The Third Era (433 Years Long)

3E 38 – Tiber Septim dies and ascends to godhood as the Ninth Divine, Talos.

3E 81 – Potema Septim (then 14), granddaughter of current Emperor Uriel Septim II, marries King Mantiarco of Solitude.

3E 110 – A Septim sits on the throne of nearly every Imperial Province.

3E 121 – The War of the Red Diamond (named for the Amulet of Kings, still worn by Emperors since Alessia’s time) begins as Potema Septim, “The Wolf Queen of Solitude” attempts to wrest the office of Empress from Kintyra Septim II.

3E 137 – The War of the Red Diamond ends with the death of Potema. Having been the daughter to an Emperor, sister to two Emperors, aunt to an Emperor, and mother to an Emperor, she was never Empress herself.

3E 145 – Potema’s nephew, Pelagius Septim II, becomes Emperor. He eventually becomes known as Pelagius the Mad.

3E 288 – Emperor Uriel Septim V invades distant Akavir, never to return.

3E 290 – Emperor Uriel VI crowned at the age of 5. His mother is made regent, and the Elder Council enjoys tremendous authority over the Empire. Full authority is not relinquished to Uriel VI until his 22nd birthday. Frustrated with his regency, Uriel uses his small power to rebuild defunct spy networks (including the Blades), which he uses to great effect.

3E 389 – Emperor Uriel Septim VII is imprisoned by his Imperial Battlemage, Jagar Tharn. Tharn impersonates the Emperor with illusion magic, and rules in his place for a decade.

3E 399 – Emperor Uriel Septim VII rescued by a mysterious champion. The Kingdom of Orsinium is reestablished as a vassal-state of High Rock.

3E 414 – Morrowind becomes an Imperial Province.

3E 427 – The Prophecy of the Nerevarine comes to pass in Morrowind, as a reincarnated hero prevents a poorly-understood threat from emerging from Red Mountain.

3E 428 – The Nerevarine kills the God-King Almalexia, who had previously slain Sotha-Sil. The fate of Vivec is unknown, but the Tribunal is effectively destroyed.

3E 433 – Uriel Septim VII and all known heirs are assassinated by an agent of the Mythic Dawn cult, in service to Mehrunes Dagon. The line of Alessia is ended, and daedra wander the world freely. This is known as The Oblivion Crisis.

Eventually, a bastard son of Uriel VII is recovered from the Priory at Kvatch, and is crowned Emperor. He sacrifices himself to end the crisis, and Akatosh seals closed the gates of Oblivion forever.

The Fourth Era

4E 1 – Having fared better than most provinces during the Oblivion Crisis, the Altmer of Summerset Isles attribute their success to an organization of Altmer mages known as the Thalmor.

4E 5 – Red Mountain erupts, sending Dunmer refugees pouring out of Morrowind.

4E 22 – The Thalmor faction comes to power in Summerset Isles. They rename the province Alinor.

4E 29 – The government of Valenwood is overthrown by Thalmor sympathizers. Valenwood becomes a territory of the reborn Aldmeri Dominion. The Dominion severs all contact with the Empire.

4E 98 – The moons, Massur and Secundus, vanish from the sky. The Void Nights continue for two years. The Khajiit, whose religion is based upon phases of the moons, are distraught. Thalmor diplomats reassure the Khajiit that the Void Nights will end. When they do, the Thalmor take credit for resolving the crisis.

4E 115 – The Thalmor incite a coup against the government of Elsweyr. Their popularity with common Khajiit for resolving the Void Nights Crisis ensures them a swift victory. Elsweyr is divided into Anequina and Pelletine – vassal kingdoms of the Aldmeri Dominion.

4E 122 – The city of Winterhold in Skyrim collapses into the sea following strange weather and earthquakes. The Wizard College there is strangely unharmed in the cataclysm.

4E 171 – Emperor Titus Mede II is approached finally by an ambassador of the Aldmeri Dominion. The ambassador levies a list of insulting demands at the Emperor, which are summarily refused. The Great War begins.

4E 175 – Despite Titus Mede II’s dizzying military intellect, the Empire is forced to come to terms with the Aldmeri Dominion. The Emperor signs the White Gold Concordat which, among other things, outlaws the worship of Talos.

4E 176 – Promised the right to worship Talos in peace, Ulfric Stormcloak and his men undertake the liberation of Markarth from opportunistic Reachmen who seized it during the Great War. The Jarl of Markarth reneges on his offer, and Ulfric is arrested.

4E 177 – Our Game Begins.

A Brief Timeline

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